Moon shower was established in 2006. Specialized in producing a great number of showers with different styles. We have gained good reputation in the market, for the purpose of creating a moderate bathroom.
The design of our products is conceived as a laborious work where they play an important role: the environment and the sensations of the human being. Our products are elaborated / created / designed by a multidisciplinary team of professional designers, who always seek the perfect harmony between pleasure and function, to enhance the emotions of people.
Moon shower wants to be always at the forefront, and wants to be the creator of the most innovative products. To do this, you need to consider what new usages may be offered by the experience of enjoying the shower. For that reason, Moon shower has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who investigate possible new ways to use or enjoy a shower in the homes of the future.
Our products seek to have the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere, reaching to change your mood, even seeking to make you remember forgotten moments full of well-being.
Design team
There are two fundamental aspects at the core of every new design: the environment and the sensations of the end-user.
Our products are created by a multi-disciplinary team of professional designers who always pursue the perfect harmony between pleasures and function while focusing on well-being


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